Why Sensitive Safaris

We are active, friendly and will do our best to provide our visitors the ideal safari adventure in a diverse setting that include wildlife, people, scenery and cultural experience.

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Our Mission

Our priority is to promote the competitive services through creativity and exposure on respective sectors to all professional as well as ensuring use of quality operations. This is leading us in satisfying every customer at all time.

Welcome to Sensitive Safaris

Tanzania is wealthy country that practically takes years to document all the resources. Not only the country that you should proud to bear witness to the highest and largest free standing mountain in the world but also to the rich and diverse of wildlife, mineral and other resources available. If Africa's tourism opportunities were to be summarized by one single country that country would be Tanzania.

Sensitive Safaris & Expeditions recognize that everyone has different travel preference and budgets, so we are flexible to our visitors needs and sensitive to provide different style of travel for anyone. Our safaris and expeditions are designed to provide an authentic experience you will never forget. We innovate and increasing our quality and service to clients. The major aim to set up this company was to provide tours & safari to individuals, families, groups and researchers. We provide affordable prices and do more than adventure

Safari Game Drive

Our approach at Sensitive Safaris is to listen to your desires rather than to impose our own ideas allowing you to create your dream African safari holiday

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Mountain and Trekking

Kilimanjaro. The name itself is a mystery wreathed in clouds. It might mean Mountain of Light, Mountain of Greatness or Mountain of Caravans.

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Zanzibar Beaches & Islands

The 'Spice Islands' of Zanzibar consists of two main islands, Unguja and Pemba and with some 50 smaller islands surrounding the archipelago.


Customer Satisfaction

Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro was very fantastic

Our journey to the summit of Uhuru Peak was the ultimate experience of our lives. Words cannot express the care and kindness we received from Emmanuel and his team each moment of the way. We will cherish our seven-days climb up Kilimanjaro, via the Marangu Routhe, for the rest of our lives and will never forget the beautiful group of people that made it all possible.



I love Sensitive Safaris Team

Very impressed that they were very accommodating, even when our flight was cancelled and then delayed, and they were waiting for us at the airport when we finally arrived!